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Retailer BUNDLE


Exclusive Co-op Variant between Mac's Comics and Papa Cebos!

Featuring Long Time Friends Sophie Campbell and Chris Vance on their first cover together!!

THE TALE OF THE LAST RONIN’S FIRST MISSION CONTINUES! In the past: Michelangelo’s quest for vengeance takes him further westward… And the fighting forms he’s mastered thus far will prove invaluable as he faces yet another adversary. Nothing will stand in the way of his quest to return to New York City and avenge his family for the fates suffered at the hands of the Foot Clan—except maybe the chiding voices of his dead brothers. Meanwhile, in the present (a.k.a. our future!), Casey Marie Jones does her best to rear the next generation of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as both their master and surrogate mother…and she’s finding she’s not sure which undertaking is more difficult! Writers Kevin Eastman and Tom Waltz, alongside artists Ben Bishop (TMNT: The Last Ronin) and S.L. Gallant (G.I. Joe: A Real American Hero), continue this tantalizing tale of the beginnings of the Last Ronin. This title will be standard trim size, not the oversized format of The Last Ronin series.

TMNT The Last Ronin Lost Years #3 Vance & Campbell Cover *Retailer Bundle*

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