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Passionate, Committed and Resourceful

What makes MacArthur's Auction House so relevant and different is the people! Take a second to get to know the team behind the name!



Brandishing MacArthur's Auction House's name is no small feat, and Randy is out on a mission to make it known. Randy has been a collector of comics and art since his childhood, and has been repping artists and making connections between artists and fans for nearly a decade. His knowledge is deep and valuable, but he does like DC better than Marvel, so we're still working with him on that. 



David, affectionately known by friends and the comics community as "Papa Cebo", is a legend in the industry. His collection is more than these pages could contain, and would take several days to peruse. David has been collecting for years now, but his love for comics rekindled later in life with the advent of "The Walking Dead". So, if he tells you he's gonna kill you, it's actually a compliment because he loves zombies.



Bobby is the calm and collected "glue" that makes things at Mac's work smoothly. He shows up, he works hard, and never complains. His knowledge of TMNT in particular is shown in his administration of several fan pages, including the famous "Shellheads United" on Facebook. Bobby is a calming presence and a force to be reckoned with at the same time...just don’t talk smack about Texas.


Thad has been collecting comics and art since his early years, with Spiderman and TMNT being at the forefront of his view. He loves seeing process work by artists, and gets true joy out of seeing collector's obtain work that they love and will hold on to. And money. He also loves money.

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