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MacArthur's Auction House may actually be an "auction house" in name only - the first and single most important priority for the team has always been to see art and comics land in the hands of happy collectors, at a fair price.

After watching many fans be caught off guard and disappointed by soaring graded book prices, variant insanity, and other issues that made many books and pieces of art simply unattainable, Randy MacArthur decided to do what he could to help circumvent that. As a first step, Randy started working with Tentacle10 to help witness for CGC, the popular grading and encapsulating company for comics and art. He then began educating collectors on how to obtain raw books at good prices, and what to look for when submitting those books for grading.

He quickly began witnessing signatures and sketches at events such as Granite State Comic Con and New York Comic Con, where people kept coming back to him for further service because he would spend so much time helping them and educating them on the process and how to get the most out of their books and art. 

This activity soon blossomed into great relationships with several prominent artists, and Randy was able to run commission lists and more for them, consistently filling those lists and delivering incredible pieces of art to overjoyed collectors. 

Thus, MacArthur's Auction House was born! Randy continues to facilitate CGC activities, as well as collaborate with artists and collectors on obtaining their hearts desires. He has brought on a few partners to help with everything that goes into that business, and continues to provide above-excellent service to those who trust him with their art and comics!

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